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Reason Magazine: Quartal 1 2017

The Power of partnership

Clean and green energy giant Northland Power has a clear vision and plan for global growth that has the company on a bold journey outside its native Canada. They are accompanied by Aon and FM Global´s expertise in power generation.
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 2 2016

The Rising Risk of Flood

2016 has been defined by severe flood events that wreaked havoc on communities and businesses across the globe. In this special report, find out about innovative flood maps, effective data sheets, the implementation of mitigation products, and best business practices, to tailored research into the changing climate so our clients’ operations can continue uninterrupted.
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 1 2016

The Morning After

In May 2011, one of the most powerful tornados ever recorded raged through Joplin, Missouri, disfiguring the landscape and destroying, among hundreds of buildings, St. John’s Regional Medical Center. Five years later, what has taken its place is the new Merci Hospital Joplin, a dazzling facility that symbolizes a life-affirming story of revitalization and rebirth.
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 2 2015

Great Risk Management Practices

At a recent forum, we asked nearly 200 of our clients to assemble an essential list of best practices for risk management. After a few days of intense debate, we are proud to present the fruits of all that labor.
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 1 2015

Sandvik is Energized

A storied manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweden, has a renewed focus on safety and elevates its emphasis on controlling risk to impressive new heights.
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 4 2014

Industrial Strenght

"We are a high-tech company, and we have three different cleanrooms where we can’t have any dust. And to install a sprinkler system here, well, it’s not easy without creating dust. We certainly couldn’t stop production."

RAINER PETRY, vice president of operations Spectro
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 3 2014

Labor of Love

"I think FM Global introduced a new dimension of safety for us an our team here. The engineers and the support that came in were really important. They shared lessons they had learned with other companies, failings in other places, that convinced us we should be as tight as we could be."

Swee Leong Lim, President Leviton
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 2 2014

Working Together with The Hershey Company

Milton Hershey decided, back in 1894, to produce sweet chocolate as a coatingm for his caramels. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, his new enterprise was coined, appropriately, the Hershey Chocolate Company. In 1900, the company began producing milk chocolate in bars, wafers and other shapes. With mass production, Hershey was able to lower the per-unit cost and make milk chocolate, once a luxury item for the wealthy, affordable to all.
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 1 2014

A multinational approach to risk

Philip Morris International (PMI) operates a complex network of production facilities, subsidiaries, transportation and warehousing sites around the world. In 2011, it began a 100% insurance program with FM Global. In the new issue of Reason Magazine, PMI’s risk management team opens its doors for a candid discussion of their philosophy. What are the challenges – and strengths – of a global approach? What do they expect from an insurer? And what keeps them awake at night?
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 4 2013

When worst-case becomes reality

In March 1973, a fire started in a small access panel of a textile manufacturing room. It spread rapidly to engulf a key area of the facility. Although the company rebuilt its factory, it lost key employees, major customers, market share… and its struggle to survive.
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 3 2013

Rays of hope in the desert

The desert landscape by the Mexican border is the perfect place to generate solar power. But there’s an ever-present risk of freak weather events such as hurricanes and hail storms, as well as Californian earthquakes. See how energy company Tenaska is working with FM Global to build a more sustainable future
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 2 2013

How Westfield beat Hurricane Sandy

As it neared landfall, Hurricane Sandy packed a massive punch. It was forecast to wreak devastation across the Northeast and The Westfield Group had nine centres in its path. This is the story of how they beat the storm and helped local communities to recover
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Reason Magazine: Quartal 1 2013

Maximum security for your property

Reason Magazine is FM Global’s thought-leadership forum. This issue, we look at practical ways to prevent property loss.
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